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Assalamu alaikum sisters,

The world is a big place, even though we seem to be ever closer, many remain very distant and lonely. With the blessings of Allah swt., we hope to unite and support more revert sisters and accelerate the growth in knowledge, faith and friendship. For this to be possible Women of Faith (WoF) group is looking for local coordinators of WoF who will act as a key focal point for sisters in your neighbourhood, city or region, in particular for revert sisters from Central and Eastern Europe (but not only!). If you are interested, please contact us at info@kobietywiary.org with a brief introduction by 25th January. The below is the overview of this voluntary and rewarding role;

  1. Collecting contacts from sisters in your locality.

  2. Creating a group for regular local/regional communication (e.g. what’s app group etc.)

  3. Adding sisters to central closed discussion group of WoF online at FB.

  4. Facilitating social integration of local sisters

  5. Collecting information about any sisters in need and referring them to central WoF charity procedure

  6. Arranging referral to sisters in urgent situations to professional service providers (e.g. a counsellor, a social worker, a doctor etc.)

  7. Facilitating cooperation with local mosque in your region à establishing contact with imam, arranging a room for classes, local fundraising for WoF.

  8. Organise/facilitate monthly halaqas.

  9. Cooperate with other women's groups.

"And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided." 3:103

We always need enthusiastic volunteers to contribute to Women of Faith’s growth. If you have a bit of spare time please do email or call us, we will be happy to discuss with you the ways of engagement. 

E: kobietywiary@gmail.com
T: 077 899 34 884

Our Women of Faith community has lots of exciting plans that inshAllah will draw us closer to Allah and win His love.

An hour a week may make a difference in our ummah’s life, inshAllah. Jazzakum Allah Khair.

And whosoever volunteers a good act [for the sake of God] – then, indeed, God is ever-thankful, all-knowing

Surah Bakara, Verse 158


Zawsze potrzebujemy entuzjastycznych wolontariuszek, które przyczyniłyby się do rozwoju „Kobiet Wiary” (Women of Faith). 
Jeśli więc posiadasz trochę wolnego czasu, skontaktuj się z nami. Ch


tnie omówimy z Toba mozliwosci zaangazowania si


E-mail :  kobiety.wiary@gmail.com, info@kobietywiary.org

Tel: 077 899 34 884

Nasza organizacja ma wiele ciekawych planów, które InshaAllah zaprowadzą nas bliżej do Allaha i sprawią, że będzie z nas zadowolony.

Nawet jedna godzina w tygodniu może odmienić życie naszej ummy InshaAllah. Jazakum Allah Khair.

„A ten, kto dobrowolnie czyni dobro...
- zaprawdę, Bóg jest wdzięczny, wszechwiedzący!” 
– Sura Krowa, wers 158


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