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"And hold firmly to the rope of Allah (God) all together and do not become divided." Surah 3:103

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Charity organisation Women of Faith (Kobiety Wiary) unites and supports women and women's groups interested in Islam through access to information and religious education, active participation and promoting inter-religious dialogue.

The website in particular aims to raise awareness about the network of united Polish women interested in Islam and women of other origins, keep all up-to-date about our projects and give you a chance to directly contact us so you can join us or receive needed support.

Organizacja charytatywna Kobiety Wiary (Women of Faith) jednoczy i wspiera kobiety i grupy zainteresowane Islamem poprzez dostep do informacji i edukacji religijnej, aktywne uczestnictwo i promowanie dialogu miedzyreligijnego. 

Strona internetowa ma na celu zwiekszyc swiadomosc na temat zintegrowanych Polskich kobiet zainteresowanych Islamem i kobiet innych narodowosci, informowac na biezaco o naszych projektach, a takze umozliwic bezposredni kontakt z nami, aby zaangazowac sie w nasze aktywnosci badz otrzymac potrzebne wsparcie.


“And whosoever volunteers a good act 
[for the sake of God] – then, indeed, God is ever-thankful, all-knowing” Surah Bakara, Verse 158 

Do you have a question? Seek for help? 
Meet us right away! We talk about different topics. 

Email: info@kobietywiary.org
Facebook group: Kobiety Wiary (Women of Faith)
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Spotkaj sie z nami! Rozmawiamy o roznych tematach.

Email: info@kobietywiary.org
Facebook group: Kobiety Wiary (Women of Faith)

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We invite you to celebrate Eid together, 8-10 July 2016.

Zapraszamy do wspolnego swietowania Eid, 8-10 lipca 2016.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/227370924303012/


Women of Faith/Kobiety Wiary aims to support all sisters in need. We know how difficult life can be when basic human needs are not fulfilled. Inspired by the faith mechanisms of collecting and distributing Zakat in Islam, we decided to take the responsibility of distributing Zakat to eligible individuals and families. Our ability to offer support depends on our fundraising efforts but we have faith that we will cope with this entrusted task with the help of Allah swt. We will do our best to respond to the needs of the destitute who are entitled to receive Zakat from the Muslim communities as prescribed in the Qur'an.

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Women Of Faith
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Account number: 73622916
Title: Zakat

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The aims and objectives of the association are as follows:
a) To create awareness among Muslim women and people of other faiths about Islam.
b) To undertake education and training programs, especially those concerning Arabic and the Holy Qur'an.
c) To organise socio-cultural, sport and religious activities in order to better woman well-being and strengthen the community.
d) To foster and encourage an a support network for Muslim woman and their families who are in distress and misfortune, also to collect and distribute Zakat.
e) To empower Muslim women in the community by promoting their rights and developing spirit of entrepreneurship.
f) To co-operate with other organisations in the furtherance of the above listed objectives.
g) To build inter-religious dialogue among our interfaith communities by promoting cultural understanding and faith literacy.